A Modern Comfort: Postcards from Palm Springs


Architecture, interior and product design in Palm Springs through the 20th Century

The Mid-Century aesthetic which so perfectly defined the post-war America was made by a commingling of forces: a rising middle class on one side and an influx of ideas out of Europe on the other side. Modern life was beginning to settle in for many of the more fortunate American citizens. This was most evident in the ways it manifested itself within the notion of comfort and leisure. It was a seemingly attainable idea for many, or at least one that you were encouraged to aspire to. Palm Springs fits neatly into the center of this. New consumer spending power drove a new domestic life, one that encouraged leisure and constructed a social lounging culture

 — Read the full foreword by Alexander Tochilovsky


Use all Five, Mindy Seu, Future Forward, Kind Company, Small Stuff and
Anthony Burrill

The ask:

Design a postcard from a year of your choice (between 1910 and 1970). One side will have a photo from Palm Springs, with type treatment of your choice to: 'A Modern Comfort, Postcards from Palm Springs’ and the back will have a hand–written note in the first person about the photo.

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